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Welcome to our blog which features contributions from members of our congregation. This is a place to read about and respond to ideas relating to current affairs, politics, theology, bible and church.

Empty Land? Stolen Land!!

Some years ago Aileen and I led a group to the Holy Land.  While in Tiberias we all went to see The Galilee Experience, a multi-media presentation of the history of the region.  It was very professionally produced, and covered from Biblical times to the present day.  As one would expect, the earlier material was consistent with theContinue reading “Empty Land? Stolen Land!!”


On Friday afternoon in the Sydney Recital Hall Judy and I were part of the audience for the first concert of the Australian Chamber Orchestra since the pandemic caused such events to be cancelled. Sitting there listening to the beauty of a Mendelssohn string quartet (arranged for string orchestra) I marvelled, as so often, atContinue reading “Mystery”

Seeing God at work

This week I was walking at Barden Ridge and listening to some creation themed music, reflecting on Seasons of Creation and the posters we are putting on the Church Facebook page and website, when I came upon a pile of litter. I remembered the Pick up Rubbish poster so thought okay time for action andContinue reading “Seeing God at work”

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